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Henderson STR Changes

It's crazy to think it has already been a year since the first set of regulations came out for the City of Henderson (NV). Today I'm summarizing the changes and what they mean for you as a homeowner or as a renter in Henderson.

  1. One of the biggest changes is that you can no longer register any home. Specifically, there must be 1,000 ft distance between homes that are registered as STR's with no exception. If you already had a rental within 1,000 ft of another, you will now be operating what is referred to as a legal non-conforming STR. If you ever miss the annual registration deadline, or sell the home, thats it. No more STR for you.

  2. Pools and spas can no longer be used between 10pm and 10am on weekends and 10pm and 7am on weekday with proper signage outside explaining as much. Sadly.. there are a few homes in this town that made this a requirement for all of us.

  3. Quiet hours now exist between 10pm and 10am on weekends and 10pm and 7am on weekdays.

  4. Your registered local contact must act within 30 minutes to resolve any ongoing disturbances.

It's incredibly frustrating as both a homeowner of an STR and a business owner that the few owners who failed to properly manage their rentals caused the majority of these shifts in procedure. There was no leeway or consideration given to the fact that guests many of us had during COVID2020 were not ideal guests for us or for the entire hotel industry in this city. We became a budget destination city that saw an entirely different group of guests than those that are usually respectful of our homes and neighborhoods. There are horror stories coming out of the local STR meetings where guests are having parties all night, cops being called, windows being broken, and guests being evicted. While we do our best to screen everyone that comes into our homes and neighborhoods, the reality is that those situations just cant be entirely avoided no matter how hard we try. However the hope is that after a year of additional compliance by owners and tenants in the city, some of these restrictions may be eased during the next annual review. Keep doing your best to be great STR hosts!

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