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Here is what we can offer you

 ✓ Zero contracts- (although we do ask for a months’ notice if you do intend to switch so we can work through the transition.

✓ Transparent Billing- Where most property managers will collect all funds and send you a monthly check, we prefer transparent billing. That means you get every dollar that you earn and we bill you monthly. 

✓ We don’t keep your listing- We create a dedicated email address for your listing. If we ever end our partnership, we simply hand over the login. This will prevent you from potential damage to your listing via cancellations and having to start your online listing reputation all over.

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Our Guarantee

✓ Accurate, fast and friendly interactions with prospective and current guests, regardless of how far out they are booking

✓ We interact with every guest and ensure that we know what their plans are in your home and that they know the rules (in a nice, guest experience focused way). The better we get at vetting guests, the easier it is for everyone, including us and neighbors that may not like your home being a rental.

✓ Quick onsite presence to resolve guest issues or issues that arise in the home (A/C repairs, locked out guests, dirty pool, broken disposal etc)

✓ Listing optimization and competitive pricing. We outsource dynamic pricing for 1% of what you already pay us (we think its that valuable) to a company that knows their pricing stuff. You get to set the minimum you’re willing to accept and we’ll take it from there.

✓ Not only are we your local contact, but we’re also members of the local STVR chapter, so we know what’s going on before you will. We’ll keep you posted but more importantly, we’ll keep you compliant. From pool signage to quiet hours to addressing (and befriending) your possibly difficult neighbors and responding to noise disturbances and monitoring cameras, we’re on it. That also means if we do respond, we take the lead on responding to the city with a formal summary of resolution.

✓ We’ll keep the home stocked with essentials that fit a budget you dictate and the style you prefer. We’ll also make sure the home is cleaned to our standards every time.

✓ We’ll loop you in on how your home is doing and give you the ultimate peace of mind. We know how important it is to know your investment is in great working order. Once a month, when we send your detailed invoice, we’ll include pics of the inside and outside of the house.

✓ Inventory! In our experience, towels and glasses and forks seem to disappear from time to time and inventory can get low. We will do a quarterly inventory check as well as an initial inventory of the things you have so if something goes flying off the shelf, we’ll catch it quick so nobody has to take a 10pm call that there are no towels in the house.

✓ We will help identify and source vendors (landscaper, pest control, pool team etc) that know their stuff and know that we are local and will keep an eye on their work.

✓ Any time we interact with guests in person at your home, we’ll be in SuiteHost professional attire and do our best to represent you.

✓ We don’t make money unless YOU make money! And we’ll work hard to make sure your home and the service we offer meets a guest’s expectations every time.

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